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Tree Removal Edmonton is one of Edmonton’s leading tree services companies. We provide a wide range of services to keep trees healthy, safe, and beautiful. Our experienced team has extensive knowledge of local trees and offers everything from tree removal to pruning.

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Though Edmonton doesn’t have an official tree, the city is home to many beautiful native tree species, including the jack pine, balsam poplar, mount royal plum, and white birch trees. All trees found throughout the city offer plenty of benefits like shade and clean air, but if you have any on your property, they can be challenging to maintain. Tree maintenance is time-consuming, and purchasing tools to provide your own tree care will quickly add up. Some procedures are also too dangerous to handle without adequate tree service experience. You can keep your property looking its best with the help of Edmonton arborists.



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Tree Trimming and Pruning Services in Edmonton

Trees engage in “self-pruning,” by which the plant stops providing nutrients to damaged, diseased, or under-productive branches. With a lack of nutrients, the limbs will eventually die, but this process can take years. Until the branch falls, it will remain an eyesore that could drop at any time, making it a potential hazard.

Tree pruning and trimming services eliminate unhealthy branches, restoring the tree’s beauty. By removing the problematic limbs, the healthier branches will have more space to spread out and allow more sunlight to shine through the canopy. Pruning also facilitates airflow, which reduces the chances of fallen branches during a storm.

Tree Removal Edmonton offers exceptional trimming and pruning services. Our skilled ISA certified arborists know what it takes to keep a tree healthy and attractive. Besides strict training for all team members about proper tree maintenance, our experts also use specialized tools and equipment to produce quality results.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Sometimes trees grow in such a way that they cannot bear their weight, making them unsafe. Edmonton arborists use cabling and bracing to give the tree additional support to prevent it from breaking apart and causing significant property damage or personal injuries. This process works for trees with weak limbs, poor branching habits, and inadequate root systems.

Cabling and bracing can either completely restrict the tree’s movement or allow for moderate activity so that the plant can naturally correct its improper growth pattern. While such tree service techniques are not foolproof, they will significantly reduce the risk of a falling tree.

Our Edmonton arborists examine improperly growing trees and will expertly install hardware to give them the support they need to thrive. Our top-quality cables can redistribute load weight, and threaded rods can effectively pin slitting branches together.

Safe Tree Removal Services in Edmonton

Because trees are living, they are vulnerable to illness and death. Dying trees can potentially fall over or drop branches and could hit a proximate building or passerby. They are also eyesores that negatively affect the landscape and decrease property values. Removing infected, dying, or dead trees will keep your property safe and preserve its visual appeal. If the tree is severely ill with an infectious parasite or fungus, removing the tree will also spare healthier trees nearby from getting sick with the same illness.

Trees do not have to be ill or dead to require removal. Tree removal service can improve the overall landscape or make room for construction.

Tree Removal Edmonton offers efficient tree removal for residents throughout Edmonton. Our professional ISA certified arborists understand the dangers of tree removal and take all precautions necessary to remove the tree while safeguarding nearby structures.

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Stump Grinding Services in Edmonton

When the time comes to cut down a tree, unattractive stumps are sometimes left behind. They take up valuable space—especially in small land areas—and make the yard look unkempt.

When mowing the lawn, it might be challenging to maneuver the mower around a stump. It is also a tripping hazard, especially if children or seniors frequent the property. Removing the stump will improve the landscape and increase property value.

We don’t leave behind inconvenient stumps after removing trees, and we can also take care of old stumps left on your property from the previous owner by providing you with stump grinding and/or stump removal services.

We use a powerful stump grinder with rotating discs to chip away at the leftover wood. The machine completely removes all traces of the stump, leaving behind mulch that you can add to a flowerbed or around the base of a surviving tree to enhance its attractiveness and provide additional nutrients to the soil.

When it comes to caring for your tree, turn to Tree Removal Edmonton’s highly skilled and certified arborists. Backed by years of stump removal experience, a wealth of knowledge, and specialized equipment, our Edmonton tree service team will take exceptional care of your trees’ health and maintenance needs. Contact one of our helpful Edmonton tree service team members today to get started.

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I’ve tried a lot of tree removal companies and this one is by far the best. Don’t waste your time. Just give these guys a call.

– Jack Mitchell

Commercial equipment for residential needs. These guys really bring in the cavalry. Clean and good job

Dixie Gardner

Their Arborist was very knowlegeable and friendly. Thanks to him, our tree removal was a breeze.

Franco Silva

Frequently Asked Tree Service Questions

One of the most common tree diseases in North America is Dutch elm disease. The illness results from an invasive fungus spread by Elm bark beetles. Edmonton is the only place in North America that does not have this issue. 

Harmful pests with which Edmonton residents should concern themselves include leaf beetles and sawfly larvae. These insects eat tree leaves during their larval stage, causing significant defoliation.

Weevil infestations are another concern. Their larvae eat the bark and foliage of fruit trees, which are common in Edmonton, and cause reduced fruit production, stunted growth, and leaf loss.

Our team has the knowledge to identify specific pest infestations and come up with a solution to treat the problem and prescribe the right tree maintenance schedule.

Other cities in Canada have strict rules and guidelines for removing trees from private property, but such is not the case in Edmonton. As long a tree is on personal property, the owner can remove the tree at any time without a permit. The city’s primary concern is the tree’s health and maintenance, so tree removal is an appropriate response to improve the landscape and pedestrian safety.

Unlike private property, trees on public land belong to the municipality. It is the city’s responsibility to trim, prune, and remove trees. Conducting any tree care work on city-owned trees may result in you paying for the tree’s value and other related costs.

Tree removal is a dangerous procedure that is best left to trained tree care professionals. Also, a tree’s potential danger is not always apparent unless you know how to conduct a thorough examination.

If you have concerns about a tree’s safety, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Tree Business Inc. As skilled Alberta arborists, we have the necessary skills and expertise to evaluate a tree and determine if it is hazardous and needs removal. We note various factors that contribute to potential tree instability, such as internal rot and pest infestation.

Costs for removing trees in Edmonton depend on several factors, including their health, location, size, and species. Stump grinding, retaining logs for firewood, and additional tree services by the tree care company will also affect the final price of removal. After considering all factors, Edmonton tree removal expenses can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

We pride ourselves on providing Edmonton residents with affordable tree services from Sherwood Park to Spruce Grove. Contact us today to receive a tree services quote.

Your tree pruning frequency depends on the type of tree growing on your property. The general rule is once every three to five years, but it could be less if you believe a recent storm has damaged the plant. The best way to know if it is time to prune your trees is to schedule annual tree inspections with one of our Edmonton tree service experts. Our ISA certified arborists provide expert tree services in Edmonton and surrounding areas, from Sherwood Park to Spruce Grove.

We will closely examine the tree and let you know if tree pruning is needed. When the time comes, we have the necessary tree care equipment to complete the job quickly.

Live outside of Edmonton (e.g. Stony Plain, etc.)? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us still for more information on whether our ISA certified arborists can offer you our top cut tree service or as little as prune trees.

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