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Edmonton Stump Removal

After cutting down a tree on your property, a remaining stump will hurt both the aesthetics of your lawn and pose a potential safety hazard. The only sensible option is to have the trump removed. Hiring a professional to do it is the right way to go since the DIY approach might do more harm than good. Our company is a premier Edmonton stump removal company with decades of experience as certified arborists. 

Most large trees will leave a stump that is very difficult to remove using standard tools. Stump grinding is a process where special power tools grind the tree stump into mulch, which is much easier to handle and remove from your property. We use only the latest technology and machines to ensure a quick and safe trump removal. Give us a call, and one of our experts will visit your location and provide you with a free estimate.

Quick and Painless Stump Removal

The process of digging out the tree stump and roots can take weeks and hundreds of working hours if done correctly. Using the stump grinding technique, Tree Business Inc can guarantee that the stump will be gone in just a few days from your initial call. 

We use machines to grind the stump, including the root collar located up to 20 inches below the stump. This technique ensures that most of the stump material is easy to remove, and the area on the property is ready for a quick landscaping fix. 

Our experts will evaluate the stump and identify potential issues they can encounter during the removal before unloading the machinery and getting started. Our expertise and experience will make that stump disappear in no time.

We Protect Your Property and Loved Ones

Stump grinding and removal are dangerous, as debris can fly around the area. If not controlled, this can cause significant damage to your home or even injure your loved ones and pets. We use protective fencing around the stump to prevent any rocks and other debris from reaching your home. 

At the same time, utilities and other infrastructure often get in the way of stump removal. We do our best to quickly identify the power line’s location and other utilities underneath the soil and avoid causing damage to them during the stump removal. Your pets and children will be free to roam your property without fear of getting hurt and falling.

Professional Stump Removal Prevents Regrowth

A professional arborist will make sure to remove the stump and the accompanying root collar, which prevents tree regrowth. You might have plans to remodel your garden or lawn, and a fresh and clean area is what you are seeking. We guarantee that the tree will not regrow once we remove the stump. 

Stump grinding ensures that all of the stump material and root collar turn into dust using our machines. We also treat the hole in the ground and fill it with mulch, something ideal for flower beds and other landscaping projects. Give Tree Business Inc. a call, and one of our expert arborists will be on their way to you in no time.

Frequently Asked Tree Questions

A stump grinder is a unique machine that uses electricity to power a rotating blade, turning tree stumps and roots into mulch if appropriately handled. It is incredibly powerful and efficient, removing even the most stubborn stumps and roots in just hours. 

Stump grinders are expensive, and very few homes can afford to have them in their tool collection. At the same time, experts will do a much better job using the grinder than what you might accomplish.

This happens only in cases where the stump grinding and removal did not follow the required procedure. At Tree Business Inc, we make sure to grind each stump up to 20 inches below ground. The key to stopping the regrowth is to remove the root collar, as well. After turning it into mulch, we will fill the hole in the ground and get it ready for further landscaping.

On average, the whole process takes a few days because we always do our best to assess the situation and ensure a satisfactory outcome. After your call, one of our arborists will visit you and evaluate the case, including locating any power lines and other infrastructure that might cause an issue during the process. The actual grinding and removal take just a few hours for a single stump. We also ensure that the tree will not regrow and that the leftover hole does not stick out. The process is painless, and after a noisy day or two, your yard or lawn will be in pristine condition again.

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