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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Requesting a Tree Removal Service

If you need to tree removal service in Edmonton, don’t even think about doing the job yourself. This is a dangerous job that professionals must do. They have all the experience, knowledge, and specialized safety equipment necessary to stay safe. And if a tree needs to go, it should go as soon as possible. A diseased or dead tree is a danger to everyone in the vicinity, and you are responsible for any injury as the property owner. 

Have your tree evaluated by an arborist to figure out whether it can be saved through processes such as pruning or disease mitigation. If the arborist finds that your tree is dying, dead, or dangerous because of another problem that cannot be solved, you must remove the tree. Choose an Edmonton tree removal service with fully-trained staff. 

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Tree Removal Service 

There are several reasons why it’s time to request a tree removal service for your Alberta property. 

1. Untreatable Disease  

If an arborist has found that your tree is diseased and mitigation efforts won’t be enough to resolve the problem, hire a tree removal service to remove your tree. It’s dangerous to leave a diseased tree on your property. 

There are several reasons why a diseased tree is a hazard. One is the fact that it will end up with weak joints and a compromised structure. When this happens, branches or even the entire tree itself may end up falling on your property or, even worse, you or someone visiting your property. 

Some possible signs of disease include weak joints, decay, structural problems, and deadwood. Others are cankers and cracks. Don’t ignore these kinds of issues. Contact a Edmonton tree removal service and make an appointment to have the tree professionally removed from your property. 

2. Root Defects 

Have you noticed fungi or heaving soil near the bottom of your tree? The tree may have serious root issues. If an arborist finds root defects, you’ll need to get someone to take the tree out. There are several different kinds of root defects that may mean you should remove your tree. 

If a tree has root defects, the defects may lead to disease and death. You’ll need an arborist to check out your tree to find out if it needs to be removed. Hire a tree removal company right away to have it taken away from your property. 

3. Proximity to Power Lines

If the tree you must remove is close to power lines, that is even more of a reason why you must hire a tree removal service. In circumstances like these, your tree removal company will make special safety arrangements. For example, it may be necessary for them to request a temporary electrical service disconnection

Trees positioned underneath power lines often eventually become a problem. In many situations, you’ll have to get the tree removed sooner rather than later to avoid safety issues. Don’t leave the situation too long, as the more severe the problem, the greater the potential danger. 

4. Hollow Trunk

There are many cases where a hollow trunk means a tree has been seriously compromised in some way. If there is enough hollowness and weakness in the tree, it is a hazard, and it’s time to bring in a tree removal company. 

Trees that aren’t structurally sound are always a danger. Get experts to check your tree to see if the hollowness is a sign of problems. Perhaps you’ve heard people talk about filling in tree holes. While this used to be done, it’s no longer considered helpful. Follow expert advice whenever dealing with a tree that has a hollow trunk. 

5. Landscaping Needs

There are some cases where property owners need to get rid of trees in order to do a landscaping project. For example, you may want to do landscaping that would lead to tree damage. If you decide to go ahead with the plan, you’ll need to get the help of a professional to ensure the work is done correctly.

Another landscaping-related scenario where tree removal may be necessary is if your tree is ruining lawn growth. For instance, the tree may be creating excessive shade that is stopping grass growth. Yet another reason property owners get rid of trees is if it’s obscuring a desirable view. 

Final Thoughts

Clearly, there are several reasons for requesting the help of a tree removal service. If your tree has a disease that cannot be treated, you’ve got to get it removed by a trained professional to ensure no further problems occur as a result of improper work. Root defects and a hollow trunk are other potentially serious problems that often necessitate tree removal. Being perilously close to power lines and landscaping needs are other common reasons for requesting the help of a tree removal service.

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