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Tree Care Services: What Should I Expect and Why is It Important?

So much more goes into owning a home and taking care of your property than most people expect. One of those things is tree care. The trees on your land are likely some of the largest items, and since they’re living and growing all the time, they need extra attention. Unfortunately, though, most people don’t know very much about tree care.

It’s a good idea to entrust tree care to experts. But why? And, if you do, what can you expect from this service? Let’s take a crash course in tree care services, both why it’s so critical and what they deliver.

What are Tree Care Professionals?

Tree care professionals like Tree Removal Edmonton are experts in caring for all types of trees. Most specialize in trees that frequently grow in their area, and we are specially trained in trees common to Alberta, Canada. 

Which Basic Services Do Tree Care Professionals Provide?

Tree care professionals provide many services, and sometimes these vary depending on the client or the type of property. Some typical services include:

  • Consultation: they can help assess whether or not the trees on your property are healthy and what kind of care they need.
  • Pruning: to preserve the life of your trees, they have to be correctly trimmed and pruned regularly. Tree care professionals can advise you on this as well as provide these services.
  • Tree removal: unfortunately, some trees are unhealthy or pose a threat to your home or property. In those scenarios, the best thing to do is have them removed. It’s unsafe to fall trees yourself, so you should let professionals do this for you.
  • Cabling and bracing and lightning protection: alternatively, there are some things that tree care professionals can do to protect the trees on your property and save them from being cut down without posing a threat.
  • Health care and fertilization: more goes into good tree care than just pruning. Once again, tree care professionals can provide these services and advise you on how you can care for your trees yourself, too.
  • Transplanting: sometimes, the best solution for trees is transplantation or moving them from where they are to a new location. This can be a very delicate process that is certainly best left to professionals. What is more, they can advise on the best new home for the health of your trees.

Essentially, tree care professionals such as Tree Removal Edmonton can handle almost any issue, question, or problem you’re having with the trees on your Alberta property. If they can’t, they certainly have the resources to find the answer and deliver the solution.

Even if you don’t see a problem with your trees, it’s still a bright idea to get some input from experts before there’s an immediate need or even a crisis. We’ll look at why tree care services are so vital in the next section.

Why are Tree Care Services So Crucial?

There are several compelling reasons why you should trust tree care to the professionals rather than try to do it yourself. 

It Can Be Dangerous to You and Others

Especially if you’re considering cutting down or removing trees, it can be hazardous to you and anyone around your home when you do it. Even if you’re just pruning, falling limbs and branches can cause injuries as well, and there’s risk involved anytime you climb a ladder. 

Consider whether you have the expertise to keep yourself, your property, and your loved ones safe before you start this daunting project. If you decide to take it on, make sure you have the proper equipment. 

You Could Damage Your Home or Property

In addition to bodily harm, falling trees and tree parts pose a threat to your home and your property as well. Even a tree or branch that isn’t close to your home could hit something else that could then fall and damage your home.

Perhaps worse, you could also end up damaging your neighbor’s home. Not only could that hurt your relationship with them if the insurance company deems you at fault, but it could also wind up costing you a lot of money.

You Don’t Necessarily Know What to Look For

When it comes to tree care, much more goes into it than determining whether the tree is alive or dead. You must consider the tree’s health, how the tree affects the flora around it, and whether the root systems could potentially damage your home, foundation, or driveway.

Trust the Experts

Proper tree care can have many benefits aside from avoiding accidents and mishaps. It not only keeps your trees healthy but can also preserve the quality of the soil, prevent insect or rodent infestations, and add value to your property.

Now that you know about tree care and why it should be a priority, take one thing off your plate by calling Tree Removal Edmonton. Their experts can give you a no-nonsense assessment and help you protect your home and family.

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