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Tree Planting Edmonton

Different trees tolerate different growing conditions. Understanding growing requirements is the secret to planting trees successfully. 

Our team knows the soil and light conditionings in Edmonton and can select the perfect trees for your property while taking your personal preferences into account. We treat every tree we plant with care. Our trees don’t just survive–they thrive. We know when, where, and how to plant trees to ensure they have a long, healthy life.

We work closely with professional growers and are ready to help you find the right species to suit your needs. You can trust our Edmonton tree planting team to get the job done on time and without unnecessary disruption to your landscape.

Why Hire a Tree Planting Team?

When done right, tree planting is one of the most engaging and eco-friendly options for improving your surroundings and being kind to the environment. Trees provide a wealth of communal, economic, and green benefits. While many homeowners in Edmonton, Alberta believe that they can just plant trees by themselves, it can turn into a time-consuming and even overwhelming process without the proper tools and techniques.

Choosing the Right Species

Some people have an idea of where they would like to plant their new trees, while others don’t know where to start. Depending on your location, the soil conditions, and local sun exposure, some species can grow and thrive, while others may struggle to survive.

Our team consists of professional arborists who can analyze your planting site and offer expert advice on which tree types and species stand the best chance of having a long and healthy life. You can share your ideas, and we’ll work up a plan to make them a reality.

Using the Right Planting Technique

Planting trees with success takes a great deal of time and care. While some homeowners might have basic experience in planting trees, others aren’t familiar with the essentials and may end up damaging their property or even hurting themselves.

As insured and certified arborists, we have the training, skills, and knowledge to complete the task safely and in a reasonable time frame. To provide the best tree planting services in Edmonton, we keep a careful eye on some key factors, including:

  • How large and deep to dig the hole
  • How to enrich the soil
  • How to provide proper drainage
  • How to prevent pest invasion
  • What type of mulch to use

Avoid Tree Planting Problems

If you’re thinking of planting trees yourself but aren’t familiar with the basics, you might end up hurting yourself or damaging your property. For example, you might plant the seeds or saplings too deep without a proper drainage system in place. Waterlogged trees will suffocate and die. Another problem when planting a tree is blocking sunlight from reaching the rest of your yard. You might select the perfect species but end up with a pest problem or uncontrolled fungi growth on your lawn if you plant in the wrong place.

Our experts know how to offset these issues, allowing other plants to thrive and receive the nutrients they need. You can count on our Edmonton tree planting team to take the utmost care when planting. We also offer a range of other services to ensure every species in your garden grows big and strong.

Frequently Asked Tree Questions

In Edmonton and throughout the Alberta area, the best time to plant trees is during spring. At this time of the year, the temperatures are milder, and the increased daylight hours offer maximum growing time. Spring rainfall also gives the trees plenty of water.

If you’re looking to add more trees to your property, our qualified team of arborists is ready to assist you in any way they can.

Trees help the environment, reduce energy costs, and enrich nature. Planting a tree is one of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of your surroundings. They also absorb carbon dioxide, filter allergens, and release oxygen, allowing you and your family to breathe clean and fresh air. Even better, trees provide shade in the summer months and block harsh winds in the winter, providing natural home insulation.

To enjoy a tree’s maximum benefits, you need to select the right species and plant it in the right location. We can help you choose the perfect tree for your home, whether that’s maple, oak, willow, or some other popular variety.

Yes, we can move mature trees. Depending on the tree’s health and size, almost any type of tree can be transferred to another, better location. The job requires a proper set of tools and equipment, so if you’re planning to transplant or move a fully-grown tree soon, get in touch with us to make sure the job is done right. 

For all your Edmonton tree planting and transplanting needs, rely on our experts at Tree Business Inc. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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