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Edmonton Tree Pruning

Trees are inherently beautiful, and nature’s way of showing a perfect balance of growth, longevity, and appearance. Unfortunately, planting trees in cities like Edmonton often throws off this balance. Buildings and other obstacles provide an almost wind-free environment in which trees cannot develop the necessary flexibility and resistance. The same obstacles lower the amount of light available to trees, making them grow larger and taller to access this essential nutrient. 

Other human interventions, such as planting non-native trees, add further complications in maintaining these artificial urban ecosystems. Therefore, regular maintenance using tree pruning and trimming must take place. This maintenance provides trees the necessary room to breathe and grow and eliminates potential health risks. At Tree Removal Edmonton, we believe that providing essential care and maintenance to trees is a smart investment for what you get in return—beautiful, healthy trees.

Improved Aesthetics

As trees grow, some branches will have trouble receiving enough light and become weak or even catch diseases or other adverse conditions. Most trees identify those limbs and react by cutting off the nutrient supply until they dry out and fall off. This process is fine in a forest setting, with non-existent human traffic. Urban conditions dictate that those branches be cut quickly and removed before they become safety hazards to people and cars passing by. 

Tree Removal Edmonton Inc. employs a team of expert tree arborists certified for trimming and pruning all types of trees and bushes. If you want to have that perfect aesthetic that will leave your neighbors in awe, do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a free evaluation.

Expert Trimmers and Pruners

It is important to note that not all trees have the same needs or behave in the same way. Edmonton is home to numerous tree species brought in from all over the world. This array presents a unique challenge because each species has different climate preferences, growth rates, and even potential diseases and pests. This means that people doing the pruning and trimming need specialized training and knowledge of various tree types. 

Our arborists are certified experts in trimming and pruning trees native to every continent. Even if you have an exotic Asian or Australian species on your property, fear not, we are up to the task.

Saves Money and Time

A sizeable investment in equipment is necessary for an individual to take care of their trees and do regular pruning and trimming. Most of the equipment is professional-grade and therefore commands a hefty price tag. It would take years to pay off the investment with your savings from not paying a contractor. 

Additionally, professional tree pruners and trimmers know the necessary procedures and techniques to make the process smooth and effortless. As a non-expert, you would have to spend much more time to perform the same tasks. Because working hours are a part of the bill for trimming and pruning, a quicker and more efficient trimmer makes more economic sense.

Frequently Asked Tree Questions

Tree Removal Edmonton employs certified, expert arborists with a profound knowledge of tree morphology and trimming and pruning techniques for thousands of tree species. We will assess your trees for safety and signs of deterioration during each pruning and trimming visit, take the necessary steps and precautions for safe pruning, and ensure that the property’s aesthetics are intact. 

Our dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction is evident in hundreds of satisfied customers in the Edmonton area, and we are more than happy to provide you with references.

Different types of trees require different pruning schedules. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to pruning. A general guideline is that young trees need pruning more often than mature ones. A healthy schedule for younger trees is every 2 to 3 years, while mature trees are every 3 to 5 years. 


The schedule will also vary drastically with different tree species. That’s why it is essential to hire a professional contractor for pruning and trimming as they will correctly identify the tree type and create a custom schedule for it.

Arborists use several techniques on a tree’s crown (branches and leaves) to get different results, including:

  • Thinning: cutting a selection of branches on young trees to stimulate better growth and health 
  • Raising: removing the lower branches of the tree, giving it a more elongated shape
  • Reducing: removing the large, top branches for a more stocky, round appearance

Cleaning: removes dead, dying, and diseased branches for better tree health and overall aesthetics

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