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Tree Removal Tips You Can Use to Ensure Property Damage is Minimized When Removing a Tree

Occasionally, you may decide you need to have a tree on your property removed. That tree may have a disease, damage, or some other reason why it is dangerous to you and your home. You are wise to take such a tree down before it causes harm or property damage in those cases. 

But considering the nature of Edmonton tree removal, you may be wondering how to make sure that the process itself does not cause the kind of property damage you hope to avoid?

The answer lies in understanding a few of the most crucial tree removal tips. Each piece of advice below will go a long way towards ensuring that property damage is minimized while removing a tree.

Evaluate the Size and Location of Your Tree

Tree removal is an incredibly dangerous activity. That danger is especially prevalent if you do not have professional expertise on the topic. As such, you should begin by assessing the size and location of the tree you hope to remove. This will help you make your first and most important tree removal decision — whether you’ll do it yourself or hire a pro. 

Any tree that is exceptionally large or incredibly close to your home or another structure is not a tree you should remove on your own. Attempting to do so may cause physical injury and plenty of property damage as well. 

But knowing all aspects of your tree’s size and location is not only a way to determine who should take your tree down. Those factors also influence a few of the following tips as well. 

Prepare a Clear Work Zone

The size of your tree and where it goes will dictate the space you’ll need to remove it successfully. Before you begin the process, you’ll need to set up a clear work area that gives you enough space to get the job done safely. You’ll also need to plan out the fall zone for your tree so that it does not land on anything valuable nearby. 

Without a well-established fall zone where your tree will land after you cut it, you won’t have enough control to take your tree down properly. You’ll risk having the tree or large pieces of the tree land in unexpected locations. In the worst cases, that could mean heavy damage to your house and property. 

Use the Best Tree Removal Equipment

Along with following the best preparation guidelines, you should also gather the best tools you can find for any tree removal project. Using the right tools will make your work much easier to complete. When that is the case, you stand a much better chance of maintaining control over your tree removal to minimize property damage. 

Your tools should not only be effective. The items you use should also contribute to your safety. Remember to eye protection, gloves, and other clothing to keep yourself free from harm during removal. 

Understand the Best Tree Cutting Techniques

Even though you have the best equipment for the job, you’ll also need to know how to use that equipment effectively. You’ll have the best opportunity to prevent property damage while taking down a tree with the proper tree cutting techniques

We’ve already mentioned the importance of having a fall zone for your tree. That fall zone should be large enough to accommodate the entire tree that is due to come down while avoiding all buildings and outdoor living spaces. 

The direction of your fall zone in relation to your tree also dictates where specific critical cuts should take place. Mainly, the fall zone and the notch cut you make in the tree’s trunk should be on the same side. 

It is also often helpful to remove many, if not all, of the branches before felling the trunk. That strategy can make the process much neater than taking the tree down all at once. 

However, if any of the basic concepts of tree removal are unfamiliar to you, you should strongly consider using a professional tree removal service. 

Leave It to the Experts

As we have alluded to throughout the entirety of this article, you need to know when it is time to call a professional rather than remove a tree on your own. Those pros are much more prepared to remove any tree correctly in accordance with your local tree service by-laws

The top tree care professionals also know how to give you the best service. Much of that quality assurance involves ensuring that your property receives minimal damage during the tree removal. 

So before you decide to remove your tree in the DIY style, make sure you are well aware of the tree removal tips that we have listed above. Once you do, you may quickly find that hiring a professional to remove your tree safely and efficiently is your best approach. 

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