There are some important differences between a reputable tree service company like ours and a shady fly-by-night contractor who offers to cut down your tree. Knowing these distinctions can often mean the difference between having the splendid property of your dreams or having broken sewer lines in your yard and being on the hook for potentially thousands of dollars of repair work. At Edmonton Arborists, we have all the training, know-how, and proper equipment to take care of your trees, no matter the job. If your job involves heavy machinery, we will lay plywood on your lawn to protect the lawn and any utility lines underground. Heavy machinery can severely damage underground pipes and lines, especially if they are older. Damage to your lawn, sprinklers, or utility lines could be inconvenient and expensive. Hiring a company that will protect your property is worth every penny!

Our company is one of the leading providers of Edmonton tree removal services. We help Edmonton residents improve their landscape by removing unsafe, diseased, and dying trees as well as those located in nearby construction zones.

We are seasoned professionals when it comes to tree cutting and stump removal. We remove trees carefully and efficiently with minimal disruption to your property. Our number one goal is to provide homeowners with the best quality tree care at an affordable price.

Edmonton Arborists Inc. employs certified, expert arborists with a profound knowledge of tree morphology and trimming and pruning techniques for thousands of tree species. We will assess your trees for safety and signs of deterioratio.

We are a premier Edmonton tree risk assessment company, employing expert arborists with decades of experience working with various tree species. We believe that a regular tree risk assessment is essential to keep track of trees’ health. 

We work closely with professional growers and are ready to help you find the right species to suit your needs. You can trust our Edmonton tree planting team to get the job done on time and without unnecessary disruption to your landscape.

Stump grinding is a process where special power tools grind the tree stump into mulch, which is much easier to handle and remove from your property. We use only the latest technology and machines to ensure a quick and safe trump removal. 

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